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May 12, 2024

Housing Market Update Apr 2024

A Closer Look at the Real Estate Market:

April’s Performance

April brought a wave of positivity to the real estate market, with significant growth in both single-family home and condo sales.

Single-Family Home Sales

Single-family home sales saw a 26.0% year-over-year increase, totaling 262 transactions. This represents a 13.9% rise month-over-month. The median sales price for single-family homes rose by 10% year-over-year, remaining steady at $1,100,000. The average sales price also saw an upswing, with a 15.2% increase, settling at $1,408,991.


Condo Sales

Condo sales followed a similar upward trend, with a 2.6% rise year-over-year, resulting in 431 units sold. This was accompanied by a substantial 25.3% increase month-over-month. The median sales price of condos rose by 5.6% year-over-year to $528,000, while the average sales price saw a modest 2.3% increase, reaching $617,664.


Market Sentiment

Despite uncertainties surrounding the potential reduction of interest rates by the Federal Reserve, the market sentiment appears to be recovering. Buyers and Sellers moved quickly on single-family homes in April, with the number of days on the market decreasing to 17 days from 31 days in the previous month.


New Listings and Inventory

New listings showed positive growth, with 349 new single-family home listings and 656 new condo listings, up 19.5% and 23.3%, respectively. Active inventory gained a modest 6.4% for single-family homes and 5.6% for condos compared to the previous month.


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March 8, 2024

Housing Market in Oahu in Feb 2024

February 2024 marks a notable surge in activity within the Oahu housing market!

Both single-family homes (SFH) and condos (CON) are demonstrating consistent sales, with 179 SFH and 334 CON sold.

Housing Price

Of particular interest are the significant year-over-year increases in median sales prices, with SFH rising by 8.9% to $1,075,000 and CON by 6.8% to $512,500.

While SFH average sales prices show a slight uptick at 0.7% to $1,437,693, CON experienced a modest decrease of 2.0% to $580,274.

Excitingly, new listings have seen a substantial boost, with SFH listings up by 26.6% to 295 and CON listings up by 15.1% to 533 compared to the previous year.

There's continued interest from buyers in Asia and the Mainland, alongside a noticeable trend of individuals from Maui exploring properties on Oahu post the recent fire in Lahaina.

Furthermore, Federal Reserve Chair Powell's statements reinforcing the likelihood of rate cuts this year.

Interest Rate








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Feb. 2, 2024

House Hunting VS Dating?

I saw the article on Sunday's paper, Star Advertiser,

"House Hunting can be like Dating".


Finding your dream home can be very similar with discovering your ideal partner.  

1)  What you see online isn't always what you get.  Especially with today's tech and photos can be misleading.

2) Do your own thorough research.  Even you fell in love with a property or someone,  you may want to check the back ground of the property or the person.  For property you want to check neighborhood, community and etc... for the person, you want to see, where she/he came from, relationship with one's family, interests and etc....

3)  You know what you want but be prepared to make some compromises.  You may want to make a wish list while you are looking for your dream home. But it is very important to be realistic and open-minded.  It would be very fortunate you find 100% perfect property or perfect partner.  

4)  You can't rush such a big decision.  Take your time, explore different options and don't settle for something that doesn't feel right.  

5)  Ask your family and friends for advice.  When it comes to dating, we ask advice from your friends or family.  House is the same. 

6)  Don't Judge a book by its cover.  When you look at a property, you may don't fall in love with the house but try look at the house from multiple different angles. The home probably have more valuable aspects.  For instance:  views, neighborhood, location, community, neighborhood.  It is similar to get to know better your new partner if she/he are honest, having sense of humor, intelligent, habits and etc.... 

Don't you think this is great way to find your dream home in Hawaii?

You can redesign the home but can't change the house with what surrounded.




1. 見た目だけがすべてではない。特にテクノロジーが発達した今日、オンラインで見かける写真は実際の姿とはかけ離れていることも少なくありません。


3. 希望は持ちつつ、柔軟さも意識して。 夢の家を探すとき、誰しも「これだ!」と思う物件に期待するでしょう。しかし、現実的で柔軟な姿勢も忘れてはいけません。100%完璧な物件やパートナーに出会うのは、とてもレアかも知れません。

4. 急がばまわれ。人生の大決断ですから、焦らず時間をかけてください。さまざまな選択肢を吟味し、直感に合わないものは選ばないようにしましょう。

5. 周りの信用できる家族、友人の意見を聞いてみましょう。恋愛相談をするように、家探しでもアドバイスをもらってみましょう。

6. 一目惚れしなかったとしても、違う角度から眺めてみてください。素晴らしい眺望、素敵な近隣環境、便利なロケーション、活気あるコミュニティなど、隠れた魅力があるかもしれません。これは、誠実さ、ユーモアセンス、知性、習慣など、パートナーの内面を知ることに似ています。



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Jan. 8, 2024

Pray for Japan

I'm so sorry to hear about the devastating news from Japan on New Years Day. Natural disasters can have profound and tragic impacts on communities. Our thoughts and prayers for the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Wishing for their access to essential resources like food, warm clothes, and blankets.



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Jan. 8, 2024

Oahu Real Estate Market for 2023

Honolulu Residential Real Estate Market for 2023!


SFH (Single-Family Home) sales falling 26.3% and Condo sales falling 28% in 2023 YTD-2022.

It's interesting to note that despite the decrease in the number of sales in the Hawaii real estate market in 2023, the sales prices managed to maintain stability, with only modest dips in median prices. The median sales price for single-family homes remained above $1 million, finishing the year at $1,050,000, representing only a 5% decline. Additionally, the median sales price for condos was $508,500, reflecting a marginal 0.3% decrease.

A significant increase in mortgage interest rates can indeed have a substantial impact on the 
real estate market. Such a rapid rise, from 3% to over 7% in just a year, led to various
consequences for the Hawaii real estate market in 2023.





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July 31, 2017

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